March 2016 Newsletter

Recently a man needing help repairing a leaky roof reached out to us. Since being hurt on the job, Tony has been on L&I and unable to do much of anything outside of doctors’ appointments and keeping up with medical procedures. City Gates assessed the problem and quickly discovered it was more than a leak. Tony was living in a mobile home that was literally collapsing. Afraid and uncertain, Tony did not want to believe he was going to be homeless. It always amazes me how God works in the midst of impossibilities. In this case, the park owner negotiated the sale of another mobile home while keeping Tony’s financial responsibility within reach. Although the “new” mobile home would need a lot of repairs, one thing it did have going for it was there were no leaks, at least not from the roof.

City Gates agreed to invest in the task of refurbishing the second mobile home and keeping Tony from becoming homeless. This is not the first time City Gates has taken on the missional project of fixing up a mobile home to provide affordable housing. Truth is, this would be the mission’s refurbish project #4. After assessing the damage and finding dead rats, broken water pipes, water damaged cabinets and dry rotted floors, we were totally blessed when Pastor Steve Morgan from Hope Community Church said his team would assist in the work ahead of us. So it is, City Gates and Hope Community Church partnered together and began making an adequate home for Tony.

It’s because we work together that over 123 families were sponsored for Christmas last year bringing the blessings of the season to a total of 250 kids. Thanks to our partnering churches and community, over 435 turkey baskets went out to families in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Working together to help people in need would not be possible without all of us coming together. Your availability is 99% of what it takes to change someone’s life. The remaining 1% is what you take away with you that you’ll never forget. I’d like to hear from you about YOUR 1%. Contact me with your feedback at

In addition, it was because of your dedicated volunteer support every day during November and December last year that store patrons partnered with you to fill Haggen’s shopping carts with food and monetary donations. We were able to collect an estimated $100,000 in food products and $7,000 in cash, all of which will help fund the growing needs of the ministry on the street (Street Lights) and answer the emergency calls we receive throughout the year from people in desperate need of food, survival supplies, and financial assistance.

These supplies will go to people like Nancy, a disabled mom of four children who needed a delivery of food. Because of lack of transportation and DSHS cutbacks, Nancy ran short on provisions to care for her children’s needs. It felt good to be able to step in and help.

Not only do we get the calls for food but also for help with housing and furniture once homes are established. Last year over 1,700 pieces of your donated furniture went into homes for families finally getting off the streets and into housing. Adding dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils, the number of items rose to over 3,000. Based on the calls already coming in we will easily exceed these numbers this year.

We serve families like Ashlie and her 3 kids who spent the past 14 months living in a broken down motorhome before finally qualifying for housing. Or Angel and Jason who just ran into hard times and could not meet the requirements for housing allotments.

To meet this growing need we are excited to report we passed inspections and have received building permits to extend the furniture ministry carport to allow much needed dry storage. This is a huge project for City Gates. Thanks to our friends at World Vision and partners at Black Lake Bible Camp combined with your financial support much of the needed materials for the expansion have already been acquired. We are believing for supplies for the cement foundation and are still seeking the materials for the main frame. The building project has a long way to go before it will be complete but we trust in God’s provision and your continued support to see the project through. Please visit our website for additional needs and prayer.

We believe those who impart good will upon folks in their time of need receive the favor of God’s unsearchable riches, spiritual blessings and good will. Proverbs 10:22 tells us it is this type of giving that makes men rich in Christ; and He adds no sorrow to it. So many have benefited because of you. May you be richly blessed in return?

Our hearts could not be more satisfied knowing God will continue to bless individuals who find it in their heart to help those in need. Because you have made yourselves and your finances available, we trust God will continue to provide your every need in abundance.

Thank you for all that you do!

Phil Prietto • President/CEO
City Gates Ministries