April Update

We are so grateful to have the support of our community and business owners like Will & Cheyenne Hayes of Izzy”s restaurant who open their hearts and their doors to support the efforts to help people in need.

Proceeds will go to help people like Nikki who recently wrote:

“My name is Nikki and City Gate Ministries changed my life.  Jan of 2010 I came down with a debilitating illness, I went for treatment at Swedish Hospital to find out I was not eligible for treatment because I have a severe heart condition and the treatments would conflict. Briefly my medical situation is such that my stomach stopped digesting food; I have a feeding tube, a pacemaker and defibrillator. I vomit constantly and my body does not absorb or retain nutrients. There is no physical reason I should be alive. At 44 years of age I found myself living with my parents, away from my kids, and without a remedy to treat my illness.  This is where I wanted to give up on life and on God. 

When City Gates entered my life I was depressed and laying in a fetal position on the couch.   We were struggling to pay our rent and power and lacking the simple necessities like toilet paper.  I was receiving food stamps but because of cut backs the state was cutting me back.  Our cupboards were bare. At this point I believe the Lord provided the phone number to City Gates because before then I had no idea they existed.  So I called their (360) 705 0291 number, embarrassed but desperate and within 24 hours I received a response making an appointment to deliver food.

That phone call changed my life. A volunteer for City Gates showed up at our door with more food than we’d had in our cupboards in a long time, I was amazed, these people care. The man who came with the food said he was a pastor, and after chatting with me for a few minutes asked, “Can I Pray with you”.   As we prayed and talked, he said a very profound thing to me.  I grew up in a church and had heard this before.  But when he said, “Did you know Nikki, that Jesus Loves You”. It touched my heart like nothing else and I lost it.  I melted.  I couldn’t stop the tears. How easy it is to say to someone that Jesus loves you.   But have you ever said to yourself, “Jesus really does love me!”   It was life changing when, I received that assurance, now I truly know that He does love me, ME who has sinned so much, who was just laying here ready to give up on God. God still has UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for ME, Nikki.

My world changed that day, I asked the pastor what church he was associated with and he gave me all the information I needed.  He never preached or promoted his church, he just offered us a sweet invitation to visit them. I want to thank everyone at City Gate Ministries for impacting my life. You have a true force of dedicated volunteers behind the scenes to accomplish His amazing work. Best of all, my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is regained, and now I have the support of a church and loving people. Thank you for letting me share my testimony.  I hope that you are at the place where you can say to yourself “Jesus Loves Me” and really believe it because He really does.”

Today not only is Nikki back in church but she volunteers with City Gates sending inspirational cards to people who are in need and to our donation supporters. Thank you, Nikki, for your service to God and to City Gates Ministries

If you are interested in more information on how you and your church family can get involved in giving hope to people in need, please call 360-705-0291.  A representative will call and set up an appointment.

Phil Prietto
City Gates