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We’d like to invite you to help City Gates Ministries assist the poor in Thurston County. Who of us hasn’t, at some time, needed a hand up. Life is full of uncertainties and sometimes tragedies just happen. God is here to help us, but we need to look to Him also to show us a better way.

Since 1995, CGM has helped people rebuild their lives after some hardship by meeting them at their point of need with life’s necessities. Thanks to our passionate volunteers and generous donors, we can help people with food, furniture, clothing, guidance, shelter, household goods, a transition from homelessness to housing, life skills training, job placement assistance and more. Imagine the appreciation of those who receive our help.

The wide range of needs is challenging but it’s doable with your help. Please partner with volunteers, organizations, businesses, and churches by donating resources that can be auctioned for money to aid our programs. Helping those who are less fortunate is definitely one of God’s favorite themes. When we engage there, blessings abound to us, too.

Here is an opportunity for you to help the disadvantaged in Thurston County by donating items that can be auctioned at our 8th Annual Auction/Dinner on October 28, 2017. Services, goods, or cash will be maximized and used for our humanitarian programs.

THANK YOU to our 2017 Auction Sponsors and Contributors

Acme Fuel
Alderbrook Resort
Allan Gruse
Batdorf & Bronson
Bayview Lumber
Bayview School of Cooking
Beth Brown
Budd Bay Promotions & Apparel
Calvary Chapel of Yelm
Capitol City Golf Club
Caramelita’s Gourmet Caramel Apples
Courtesy Auto Service & Tire
Creation Station, Inc.
CSZ Seattle
Deborah Walter
Discovery Toys/Terri Potter
Freedom Day Sales

Gibbons Winery
Great Wolf Lodge
Hans-On Technology Solutions
Hello Cupcake
Holland America
Ice Chips Candy, LLC
Ivar’s, Inc.
Jane Fishel
Janet Best
Jerry’s Rogue Jets
Laughing Moon Body Care & Aroma Therapy
Le May Collections
Marvin Road Golf & Batting Range
McMenamins Pubs & Breweries
Milk & Honey Nail Studio
New Bridge Community Church
Oak Meadow
Olympia Club McMenamins
Papa Murphys, Pacific Ave.
Perlot Orthodontics

Pioneer Family Practice
Richard Cary
River’s Edge
Sandstone Distillery
Seaglass Fine Art Photography
Seattle Storm
Shelly Field (Individual)
Simple Scheuerman Wood Shop
Sparkuhl Stump Grinding
Sunset Air
Susan Evans
Tony’s Hair Care
Tony’s Hair Salon
Tug Boat Annie’s
The Lazy Sun B&B/Denise Treinen
The Museum of Flight
Total Wine and More
Wolf Haven International
Wynn Wolf Puppets & Creations

Like To Help at the Auction?

  • See below for committee details.

An annual dinner and auction is held each fall and is the primary fundraiser for City Gates.  There is both a live and a silent auction served with a meal.

Planning meetings began in March and all coordinators attend monthly meetings.  All positions require a high level of organization and the ability to oversee duties of those on their team.

Committee Chair: This position requires an immense commitment to fulfill demanding responsibilities in a timely fashion and in a manner that represents the mission of City Gates.

This person will oversee all event activities, including:

  • Organizing and conducting planning meetings
  • Organizing sub-committees and overseeing coordinators to ensure timely completion of tasks (see following descriptions of coordinator jobs)
  • Being the point of contact for the facility and auctioneer

Silent Auction Coordinator:

  • Oversees all tasks of procurement of items, set up on day of auction, entering data, monitoring during auction, and close out of paperwork
  • Coordinate with Publicity Coordinator in creation of procurement forms
  • Coordinate with Computer Program Coordinator
  • Arrange for storage of items collected before day of event
  • Coordinate with Decorations and Day of Event Coordinators for set up and security
  • Arrange items on tables with bid sheets
  • Establish procedure for closing bids
  • Monitor pick up of items and ensure payment

Live Auction Coordinator:

  • Secure auctioneer
  • Oversee all tasks pertaining to procurement of items, set up on day of auction, and close out of paper work
  • Coordinate with Decorations and Day of Event Coordinators for set up and security
  • Coordinate with Computer Program Coordinator
  • Monitor pick up of items and payment

Decorations Coordinator: 

  • Partner with Westwood Baptist to determine what set up equipment is available (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Determine what decorations will enhance the theme that will be determined at planning meetings for coordinators. Room décor as well as centerpieces should reflect this theme
  • Purchase needed supplies that have not been donated (will be reimbursed with auction fund)
  • Plan room setup for dinner, auction room, display tables and entertainment
  • Coordinate set up of the facility

Food Coordinator:

  • Select vendor/caterer once theme has been determined
  • Select menu with input from other coordinators
  • Obtain permit from Health Department at least sixty days prior to event
  • Rent or purchase plates if not donated
  • Purchase serving items
  • Coordinate volunteers that will be assisting in food preparation, serving and cleanup

Advertising Coordinator:

  • Create flyers, postcards, invitations and sonication letters
  • Coordinate with CGM Facebook administrator and other websites that may be available for promotion
  • Radio advertising
  • Create on-line registration
  • Contact Daily Olympian, Coffee News, Rotary Clubs and others as needed

Printing Coordinator:

  • Solicit donations to cover printing costs
  • Ensure all printed material is completed in timely fashion
  • Coordinate with Advertising Coordinator

Day of Event Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Work with all coordinators from the beginning of planning process to determine volunteer needs for event
  • Ensure that enough volunteers are available and that they understand their responsibilities
  • Arrange for transport of auction items to event location
  • Coordinate with Decorations, Entertainment and Auction Coordinators for room set up
  • Ensure security of facility, parking and auction items
  • Ensure cleanup of facility


  • Take photos during set up and during event

Audio/Visual Coordinator:

  • Make announcements as needed
  • Set up and monitor sound and visual (Power Point) systems

Raffle Coordinator:

  • In coordination with Auction Item Coordinators, determine what will be raffled
  • Determine method of raffle (tickets, ducks, etc.)
  • Monitor pick up of items by raffle winners

Dessert Coordinator:  Tables collect money for desserts with the highest bidders getting first choice of dessert for their table.

  • Solicit bakeries for donation of desserts
  • Arrange for pick up/delivery day of event
  • Table display for desserts

Computer Program Coordinator:  Will oversee data entry for attendees and donors, arrange for credit card payments and have a sufficient number of laptops, printers, and volunteers available for event.  Balance paperwork after event in coordination with Auction Chair.


  • A solid knowledge of what hardware and software will be needed for tasks.
  • The ability to coordinate and train other volunteers