Clothing children is a mission from God

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Dozens of Thurston County children have warm pajamas, hoodies or school clothes because of Elaine Hart.

Hart says she sews as a mission from God.

The 74-year-old with a slight build and cropped white hair retired as a master sergeant after 27 years of military service. She also worked for the state of Washington for 30 years. She went from a career of managing air cargo to sewing fleece hoodies with a puppy dog print and hair scrunchies from fabric scraps.

“One night I had a dream,” Hart recalls. “Jesus came and said ‘Walk with me.’ ”

She was called to drive to nearby Capitol State Forest, where she found children sleeping in cars or tents.

“It was so cold,” she said.

“Jesus said, ‘I want you to sew for my children.’ I said, ‘I don’t sew!’ And he said, ‘No, Elaine, sew for my children.’ ”

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