Making A Difference Is In Our DNA‏

At the end of the day we all want to believe we have made a difference in someone else’s life because we know that making a difference has the potential to awaken all kinds of possibilities and unlocks the doors of many a lost hope.. And when we minister to the need of another, we are touching the very heart of God.

It is hard to believe we are already half way through the year. And so much has been accomplished because of you who respond to the needs of others. The stories of your sacrifices never cease to amaze me…stories from the likes of Jen & John who write:

“While serving with Street Lights Ministries on Thursday night, I was especially drawn to one mother and her daughter. It was obvious to me the amount of love the two shared. This mom’s desire was to do whatever it took to protect and provide for her daughter, regardless of all of the hardships and hard times they had been through. She has been strong to stay away from a very alluring addiction, yet the isolation that comes from being alone had been something she just couldn’t get past. 

Instead of turning to God, she turned to companions that had not always been the best influence on her. She hit rock bottom when CPS said they were coming that day to take her daughter. They said only if she was able to come up with a viable temporary and safe living situation would they reconsider.” 


No mother welcomes this situation even though CPS has to do the hard work of protecting children from parents who make wrong choices. When her situation appeared hopeless, then came her cry for help.   Fortunately, she had met our teams who build relationships with moms and do what they can to help them through their heartbreaking trials, looking past the mistakes to offer them prayer, compassion and hope.



This mother reached out to the lifeline of love from Jen and John.   Jen said; ‘After intense discussion with my husband John and CPS,  we agreed we couldn’t let this special little girl go into a stranger’s home, especially after all the traumatic things she had already been through. We offered to take her temporarily into our home, to share the Lord’s love and patience with both her and her mother.  We are amazingly blessed to be able to help this mom while she gets some things straightened out.’   Here is a mother who sees the gift of God through the love of His servants who came along side of her in her impossible situation.”

City Gates is so fortunate to have John and Jen and so many others who continue to show up on Thursday night to build the relationships and make the sacrifices that truly make an incredible impact in people’s lives.