October 2015 Newsletter

It has been said: it is better to give than to receive.

It can only be an expression of God’s kindness and love for each and every one who gives out of a generous and thankful heart. My deepest emotions come from seeing your selflessness in giving hope to those in need. This has been a summer filled with blessings impacting our community through your selfless hearts.

In July we asked you to reach out to a family struck down by cancer. Your compassion, as shown by your offerings, has provided the next 12 months of rent so the family can concentrate on the issues at hand. We cannot begin to understand what mom is going through yet we know God is present. While families like the Velderrains face their struggles in life, you and I can continue to make a big difference by continuing to pray.

We recently received this message from a mother who showed up to our Backpack Giveaway desperate to make ends meet. You made sure she had nothing to be ashamed of. She writes:

“Today I attended your back to school drive. I met so many truly loving nonjudgmental people and even was able to pray with another woman at the backpack line. For the first time in 6 years I cried. I am a single mom of 3 that works hard as a CNA and can barely pay the rent and basic bills. At first I felt shame having to go but left feeling relief and a sense of ‘it’s going to be okay.’ Thank you to all. My 6 yr. old daughter enjoyed dancing in front of the stage with her friend and I’ve never felt so welcomed in my life.”

Thanks to all of you givers over 1,200 back packs were donated. City Gates was able to bless Love Inc. of Shelton and our friends at Olympia Lacey Church of God with some of the remaining packs. Watch our Back Pack Giveaway video here.

A comment from Jon (the guitar recipient) who we met at our foot washing event in July who says:
“You are probably wondering why you have not heard from me since the foot washing. It’s a long story I’d like to tell you in person. I was still resisting. I have finally surrendered to Jesus, and invited him into my life. I intend to throw all of my energy into this—100%. I’m in need of prayer for strength against whatever forces are attacking me & my peace of mind & physical safety. Yours in Jesus, Jon”

And I answered him,

“Dear Jon, God has put you on my heart many times sense we met and I washed your feet. I remember there was not a shoe left in your size and we must have looked for at least 20 minutes to find one. Amazingly, someone found a pair of shoes under a table completely away from everything and they fit you perfectly. It was even more amazing that you received the guitar you prayed for the following week. Only God does that kind a stuff! “

It was only through the selfless contributions by Jonathan Stewart and Samaritans Feet that touched this man and brought him to Christ 3 months later. Thank you! Watch a video about the foot washing event here.

Our furniture ministry has delivered over a 1000 pieces of furniture donated from you to help families in need. We recently received this:

“I am so happy with the beds you delivered to my children on Saturday I wanted to be sure and tell you how much I loved the prayers. Everyone I talked to was very kind and thoughtful and we are so very thankful to all of you. Thank you so very much, your kindness has touched my heart. We are pretty much alone in this world and I do not ever want to take anything for granted ever again. God Bless.”

City Gates says, ‘Thank you donors for all of your donations that are making such a difference.’’

We are excited about the furniture building project for dry storage. We are still waiting on permits and some materials and God’s intervention to finish the project.

As the stories continue to unfold, one story we never forget is that God has called us to be an advocate for children struggling with homelessness. So, looking forward to our Annual Auction and our ‘Fund the Need” program to “Bring the Children Home”, that will be our focus for our 2015 auction. We will be working directly with families to help stabilize housing for their children. We invite you to come share the food, fun and entertainment at our 6TH Annual Auction “Journey through Time”. Date is Saturday, November 7 th at (4:30 pm) it will be hosted by our loving partners at Westwood Baptist Church. This event would not be successful without our friends and sponsors from:

As we plan for this next season be sure to sign up for some of the events that bring hope to those who will receive from your generosity. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also approaching quickly and we will need your support to bring relief to families in need with not only food but prayer and hope and blessing. God bless you for all that you do to help keep our momentum moving forward.

Thank you for all that you do!

Phil Prietto • President/CEO
City Gates Ministries