The Heart of An 8 Year Old to Help Others‏

One of the greatest rewards we receive from this ministry is the passion of those who serve it.

Recently we have been blessed to have a new volunteer supporting us on the street.  I would like to introduce you to 8 year old Riley. An exceptional kid who has a passion that sets him apart from the crowd.

Riley met us at Albertsons last year during our annual fund raiser to feed needy families. After asking what we were doing he grabbed one of the handouts for food and pleaded with his grandfather to buy something off the list to help. Later he took a CGM brochure home to his father, after reading the information, convinced his dad to make a call and ask if there was a spot for kids to volunteer. Instead of basketball practice, Riley has been passionately volunteering on the adult truck on Thursday night ever since.

I took Riley and his dad, Jason, out to lunch at Izzy’s the other day and asked Riley some questions.

Why do you come to the street?  “Knowing that the people on the street have nothing, I like handing them things that they need. They always look at me and say how great it is that I am out there to help.”

Jason said, “Riley is always fired up to go out to the street and never wants to leave once he gets out there.“  “I like helping on the truck and Dad and I always pray on our way to the street.” Riley said

After getting a chance to know Riley a little better, I learned that he does a lot more than just helping City Gates. He attends McKinney Elementary school and is part of their Life Skills program. Instead of PE, Riley stays in class to help his teacher, he picks up paper around the school grounds and everyday he walks his sister to class and makes sure she is okay.  Riley recently met with his principle, Mr. Schertok, to discuss putting together a sock drive to continue in his effort to help people on the street. What an example of a leader and a servant. Thanks Riley. You Rock!

God has designed us all with a hunger and desire to help others. We are fortunate that God has developed this ministry to be an outlet for that purpose. I recently received some beautiful handmade bracelets in the mail. So perfectly designed and packaged with a message and a card. I knew these had a lot of time involved and were meant for a special occasion and specific people. We have been helping Nikki an extremely nice lady suffering with pancreatic cancer. She called me the other day asking for prayer for her dying mother and needing supplies.  I felt compelled to bring a bracelet for her mother and was surprised to see that Nikki was in the process of making her mother a plaque made out of broken glass, the same colored glass as the beads in the bracelet. We can’t begin to understand but God knows the significance in the heart of the giver, and He ensures the gift is always received in accordance to the heart who gave.  To the giver; thank you for these precious gifts.

We all have a purpose and when we find our purpose it is at that point the world is blessed.  I received a call from Elaine; she had heard about CGM and asked if we could use clothes.  “My call is to dress the children” she said; and dress the children she does.  Not only are her garments handmade with the perfection of a seamstress but the love of someone with a purpose.

CGM is praying for a friend who is also dealing with cancer.  Recently she called to ask if CGM might help her with clothes for her daughter Emily. The timing was perfect as I had just met with Elaine who had dropped off outfits that fit Emily perfectly.

All this is to say; if there is a will attached to passion. God will find the way to extend its perfect message to be delivered in its perfect time.  It starts with you and I and a God given passion to want to reach someone in need.

Phil Prietto • President/CEO
City Gates Ministries
Proverbs 19:17