Service Steel Aerospace Drive for City Gates Ministries

ghcgfgjEvery Thursday night a small army of volunteers meet on a vacant lot in downtown Olympia Washington for the purpose of providing hope to the homeless and needy.  We bring a caravan of vehicles that supply donated items of food, clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, hygiene products and baby supplies.  We call the event Street Lights and our mission is to build relationships that can lead to life transformation.

I started volunteering with City Gates Ministries over a year and half ago and have found the experience to be very rewarding and fulfilling.  It’s been a privilege for me to give back to the community by helping meet the basic human needs of people who are struggling with life’s issues. This past year we have served more than 6,000 people with tangible supplies of clothing, blankets, and hygiene products. More than 5,000 meals have been served to the homeless as well 15,000 meals distributed into homes of families struggling in hardship situations.  We also support families with children suffering from Hemophilia, a life threatening bleeding disorder.  Although these families are not homeless they are at risk of homelessness due to the expense of the medication that they cannot live without.

This past holiday season Service Steel Aerospace, Fife WA., supported City Gates’ community outreach efforts by holding a Charity Donation Drive. The event was a huge success!  More than $3,200 of tangible supplies and money were donated to City Gates plus an additional $2,000 contribution from Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

Your generous giving made an immeditate impact on the less fortuante!  The donated items were handed out during our Chirstmas Eve event and were received with much graditude.  On behalf of City Gates and those we serve, I wish to express thanks for all you have done to give hope to others!


John Adams, SSA employee and City Gates volunteer