Food Delivery
Pick up Location: 4107 Libby Rd. NE Olympia WA. 98506 Throughout the year City Gates delivers food to people who do not have the means to get to the food bank. The elderly, disabled, and those who live outside the bus line or do not have vehicles. City Gates will supply the contact information; name address, and circumstance and food – provision needed for each delivery. The objective is to deliver the provision and pray for those receiving.
  • Runs weekly throughout  the year.
  • Drivers are notified when a delivery is needed
  • Food delivery assistance is based on individual circumstances
  • Delivery schedules are based on calls coming in.
  • Flexibility is required

Furniture Ministry
Furniture Ministry runs on Saturdays only. Truck is routed to different locations to pick up donated furniture and then delivered to individuals transitioning into housing.
  • At least 2 people are required
  • Starting times (9:00 am)

Thursday Night Street Lights
Every Thursday City Gates takes a fleet of trucks to the corner of State and Adams. We open with a gospel message at 7:00pm and then open the trucks to serve the less fortunate with provision; food, blankets, clothes, hygiene, propane, candles, flash lights etc. Open invitation for as many who would like to volunteer! Areas we need your support:  Moms van
  • 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Handing out provisions
  • Praying and mingling with clients
Truck drivers 
  • 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Drive trucks to & from location (Proof of driver’s license required)
Ministry site
  • Don’t miss our Candle Light service on the street December 20th  7:00 pm.

Restocking Vans
Location: 4107 Libby Rd. NE Olympia WA. 98506
  • Donated clothes are sorted and used to restock the vans for the following Thursday services.
  • Saturdays only starting time:• 8:00 am

All of the ministries and services provided by City Gates Ministries are run by volunteers.  Our volunteer base has grown but the need is great.  We exist to tangibly show the love of God to the needy in our community.  Volunteering with us will stretch you.  It will also make you grow as you learn to work with our diverse clientele.  There is room for those who wish to participate in direct ministry as well as those who prefer to work behind the scenes.