Who We Are

Through the various ministries of City Gates, we strive to help those who need a hand up to get on their feet again. 

Thanks to our volunteers and generous donors of in-kind gifts and financial assistance, we can help those in need with food, furniture, clothing, guidance, and more.

CGM first started providing services to people in 1995 under the guidance of another organization. In 2005 we incorporated as City Gates Ministries and received our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS as a non-profit charity.

We currently serve over 500 people every month through our various programs. As funding increases, we look forward to being able to serve even more people and provide additional services.

Strategically Positioned

  • We are small enough to meet people on an individual basis
  • We can spend the time needed to address their particular needs.
  • We have a network of partnerships with other ministries and services so that we can effectively refer people.
  • We treat people like the individuals Jesus loves, not as just another number in a file.
  • We treat people with dignity and respect.