Board Members & Mission

Board Members


Phil Prietto

Phil is our founder and pastor.


Larry Lomax

His voice has been heard on Pacific Northwest radio including Puget Sound stations like Spirit 105.3. Praise 106.5, 92.5 KLSY, and 97.3  KNBQ.  He has been serving City Gates since the last century, primarily creating online content and graphic handouts.

He joins many other volunteers in the annual dinner auction. Larry and his wife Kathy serve as despite foster parents. His children have grown up in the Olympia-Lacey area.


Ed McVoy

Before joining the board with City Gates Ministries in 2019, Ed served as project manager on several City Gates mobile home renovation projects. He loves the enthusiasm and generosity of the local faith community in contributing to this work, and the incredible impact this has on the lives of individuals and families who may otherwise be without stable housing. As a board member, Ed’s appreciation has grown for the unique role City Gates has in bringing local church, business and municipal resources to the many needs in our community, always with a “hand up” rather than “hand out” approach.

Ed has a Masters of Divinity degree and served in pastoral ministry from 1989-1994 in the Chicago area. He joined State Farm Insurance in 1995, and is now an Estimatics Section Manager with responsibility for 14 states in the Northwest, Mountain States and Upper Midwest regions. Since 2008, Ed has been an active member of Olympia Christian Reformed Church in a variety of leadership and ministry roles.

Ed and his wife Dona a special needs preschool teacher with Olympia City Schools have two sons, Justin and Kevin, and a daughter Erin. Justin and his wife Liz have given them two beautiful grandkids, Nora and Isaac.


Greg Johnson

Greg and his wife Gail began serving with City Gates in 2020. Initially, they helped to prepare the lunch bags that are delivered on several days of the week to the homeless downtown. They later began to deliver boxes of food and supplies to residents in apartments and homes who were out of food and did not have transportation. They now travel about 1200 miles each month doing deliveries. In addition, they regularly pick up commodities from local grocers and blanket donations from Value Village. Greg began serving on the Board of Directors in April, 2022.

Greg is a retired educator, having served as a teacher, Principal, and Superintendent in public and Christian Schools. He holds a Doctor of Education degree. He has been an active member of Westwood Baptist Church since 2000, serving in a variety of responsibilities.

Greg and Gail have been married for 52 years. They have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.


Our Mission

Reaching out to people in need

Our Value

Empower people to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities

When we work together we can offer a more rounded and holistic approach to peoples’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to bring people into the fellowship of the Body of Christ and a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We have developed a series of ministries to facilitate this goal. We believe that everyone is called to health, happiness, and wholeness. In the hope found only in the message of Jesus Christ, many find encouragement, purpose and strength to believe in their destiny and as a result are able to put their broken lives back together.

We love them with the love of Jesus and, in so doing, preach a powerful Gospel message. We meet people at their point of need, and attempt to love and serve each one of them. We also believe that this is one of the greatest missions of the church and it is our desire that the churches work in unity to accomplish this great mission.

We believe intercessory prayer is vital for this ministry as we tackle very challenging problems. As we have developed it, there is a spot for everyone in this type of ministry. No contribution is too small or insignificant.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Reach out to our friends through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Using donations as tool, we aim to bring a sense of hope, build long lasting relationships and stabilize those struggling with poverty and hardships