How We Serve

Life Skills

Life Skills

Quite often we will come into contact with people who are economically disadvantaged in a way that makes them ineligible for government programs. They are usually working in a low paying job or have been laid off from one.

Without intervention they could easily end up on the street. It is generally accepted that the best cure for homelessness is prevention, and this is what we strive to help them with.

One method of help we offer people in need is by making referrals for jobs and job search training, housing, and financial assistance. We then offer them life skills training and mentoring.

Our goal is their eventual emotional and financial independence from our programs and those of other social service agencies.

Youth / Children

Over the years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of homeless and low income single mothers and their children during our Thursday night Street Lights outreach.

This group of people has their own special set of challenges and needs. It could include everything from the family still in homes

but not being able to meet the needs of their infants and children, couch surfing from one home to the next, living in cars. tents, and on the street.

We are thankful that we can provide clothing, toiletries, and nourishment on Thursday nights. Many volunteers from area churches offer a listening ear and prayer to anyone who asks.

Youth & Children

Food Assistance

Partnering with area organizations, our food assistance program delivers food to individuals and families in need as soon as they get the call. This not only allows the families to stretch their food budget, but it frees up money that can be used to pay other debts.

Food donations come from multiple partners including Wilcox Family Farms, Franz Bread, Albertsons, Grocery Outlet, and Panera Bread.

Food is provided for the Street Lights gatherings on Thursdays, and other partners including the Olympia Senior Center, Olympia Union Gospel Mission, Celebrate Recovery, and Thurston County Food Bank.

We partner with local churches that have developed teams to take the food directly to people who are physically unable to travel. Prayer and compassion comes with each delivery, plus a message of hope.

Furniture Assistance

When a family in transition is able to find permanent housing, our goal is to match up available home furnishings with people in need. We are grateful for the many donations of gently used beds, tables, chairs, and other household items.  The furniture ministry is a powerful way of assisting people who have nothing.

We are always looking for strong volunteers to help pick up and deliver and of course pray and give thanks for those who are giving and for those who receive.

Our committed delivery team sets out every Saturday to pick up and deliver to people in need.


Client Advocacy

We will advocate for people to help find resources for housing, rent, electricity bills, jobs and recovery. Where appropriate and resources allow, we assist with financial aid for housing assistance, utilities, medical, dental and prescription needs, bus passes, food, clothes, hygiene items, and furniture among other necessities.

Funds are distributed on a first come first serve basis and are limited to availability.

Event Coordinating

The juice behind City Gates is the passion of people who have a desire to help people. Setting up speaking engagements, ministry fairs, and awareness events helps  grow this ministry and fosters the growth of those who need its assistance.

If you love people and like community service this is a great place to serve.

Event Coordinating


City Gates is an independent ministry and does not receive government funding. Fundraising is an important function of our ministry. Our annual auction has become a necessary event and needs the support of committed leaders to ensure its success.

We encourage our volunteers to promote other fundraising events such as garage sales, car washes, golfing and bowling drives, bake sales, and dinners. Fundraising  is a great way to see the response of our community in action. We would not be where we are today without your help in this capacity.

Media & Web Design

Without a story who will know? It is so important to our organization that you who support this ministry know what your support is doing. This is an ongoing process and needs technical and passionate individuals who understand how to bring awareness of our needs to the community.  The success you are providing through your gifts, treasures and talents to help our community is invaluable.

Media & Web Design