A Look Back at a VERY Fulfilling Summer!

A Look Back at a VERY Fulfilling Summer!

As we move into the fall season, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on one of the most fulfilling summers City Gates has yet to experience. We start by saying thank you to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the favor He gives you and I to reach our community by providing provision, comfort and hope to those in need.

Back To School Back Pack Give Away 2014I cannot begin to express my excitement, yet at the same time relief, to know an estimated 1,100 people showed up at our Street Lights “Back to School Back Pack Give Away” this year. Although we ran short of backpacks, nearly 700 children shopped through 2000 lbs of school clothes until the tables were empty and the hangers bare. Hair Dressers worked feverously to provide haircuts until sunset; with no light remaining they promised to return the following week in order to meet the demand (this was the 4th anniversary in which they provided this blessing and true to their word they completed the mission the following Thursday).

Walgreen’s gave out free flu shots; and over 300 pairs of brand new shoes donated earlier to City Gates from Samaritans Feet went to all the kids who showed up.  At the end of the day it was your selfless contribution which made this our largest event of the year an overwhelming success! The biggest reward was witnessing kids receive prayer and in return they prayed for their parents. That being said, we accomplished exactly what we set out to do; pray for our back to school kids.

001We would like to thank the City of Olympia for allowing us to occupy the corner of Adams and State every Thursday night.  We would also like to thank Charlie’s Safari who donated school supplies and food; Walgreen’s and all the churches who contributed school supplies, back packs, and compassionate volunteers; Jennifer Adams and Holly Smith who have coordinated the event the past two years and all of you who showed up with your children to receive provision and prayer. It could not have happened without you, the instruments of our amazing God.

We’ve been continuously blessed to witness God’s work as we have received calls, such as the one that came in earlier this year. Her name was Rita, she called to request a tent.  Rita mentioned that the garage she was living in at the time was not working out and that she and her kids were planning to camp out for the summer while she saved enough money from her job to get into a place of their own.

To our excitement City Gates had recently received a call regarding a mobile home, which had been donated to the ministry, “Instead of a tent, how about a mobile home?” I said.  I’m sure by the silence on the other end Rita wasn’t sure what she just heard.  Rita was a young lady known for hiding the pain from the choices made buried in an influence of drugs, bad relationships manifested by a life of being told she would never amount to anything.  Although Rita has made some mistakes, as we all have, this year was a turning point in her life.  It wasn’t until recently that she made a choice for Christ; maybe the choice had been made early on while receiving prayer from the ministry but transformation really doesn’t begin until you choose to live for Christ and truly make Him Lord of your life.

Rita with Kids

Today Rita attends church and is a testimony of how God reconciles us to him washing away our sinful past and a life of bad choices by extending grace as we step into a relationship with Him and learn how to turn from our sinful nature. God has brought her closer to her children and is mending what seemed to be an impossible situation.  Rita said; “God answered my prayers in a time of desperate need.” And yes; Rita, met the qualifications and now owns a mobile home her and her children can call their own thanks to our generous donors and our loving God and His divine appointments.

Furniture ProjectPlease continue to pray for City Gates and stay in touch as God opens doors for you to serve our community. City Gates furniture building project still needs your financial support for gravel and the materials necessary for the expansion. Over 68 families have been blessed with the donated furnishings, kitchen appliances, beds, utensils, detergents, hygiene products and of course prayer.   Make sure to look for the sign-up sheet on our web page for volunteer support opportunities to partner with City Gates as we sponsor Albertsons during their fundraiser to feed families during the November and December Holidays again this year. Until then, God Bless you and all that you do to help people in need.

Phil Prietto • President/CEO
City Gates Ministries
Proverbs 19:17